1 The Engineer

The Engineer by A A Milne

Jane Kite’s choice number 1.

 Let it rain!
Who cares?
I’ve a train
with a brake
Which I make
With a string
Sort of thing,
Which works
In jerks,
’Cos it drops
In the spring,
Which stops
With the string,
And the wheels
All stick
So quick
That it feels
Like a thing
That you make
With a brake
Not string...
So that’s what I make,
When the day’s all wet.
It’s a good sort of brake
But it doesn’t work yet.

For reasons that are beyond me, because we didn’t have books in our house, my Auntie Alice got me A A Milne’s Now we are Six, for my fourth birthday. I remember puzzling about the wrongness of the title and who the “we” was when it didn’t include me, but eventually I reached that magic age, and then got older. I wanted to be a boy because I wanted to be an engineer.  I loved all the poems in the book, but The Engineer was the best.

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