10 Oh! The Places You’ll Go

Oh! The Places You’ll Go by Dr Seuss

Ruth Kelsey’s choice number 10

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When my son was small and beginning to take an interest in reading, a kind neighbour gave us a bundle of Dr Seuss* books her own children had enjoyed. My familiarity with Dr Seuss extended no further than my own childhood memories of The Cat in the Hat and similar books of that era aimed at learner readers, so as we looked through the bundle of books discovering Oh! The Places You’ll Go came as a something of a revelation, so different is it from his other work. Both of us loved it!

The poem was written in 1990, a year before Theodor Seuss Geisel died. It encapsulates perfectly the highs and lows of our journey through life and I love the way its optimism is peppered with the occasional reality check. As you would expect, the metre and rhyme is perfect throughout and it’s thus a wonderful poem to read aloud.

* incidentally, his name rhymes with ‘voice’ not ‘loose’ .

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