9 Concerning the Infanticide, Marie Farrar

Concerning the Infanticide, Marie Farrar by Bertolt Brecht

Jane Kite’s choice number 9

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This poem, on a difficult subject, is important to me for rather complicated reasons.  My grandmother, brought up by nuns, was a back street abortionist in the days of hatpins and gin.  She was a terrible woman and very cruel to me, but I hear the refrain from Brecht:

You, too, I beg you, check your wrath and scorn
For man needs help from every creature born.

and perhaps a woman like my grandmother, someone skilled and experienced, could have helped Marie Farrar.  

It’s an old-fashioned sounding poem, but just last week there was a report of an asylum seeker found dead with her starving baby alive by her side. I guess check your wrath and scorn is equivalent to our current check your privilege. I am someone who bore between clean sheets that had the initials NHS woven into them. 50 years earlier, it would have been different.

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